Life Coaching

Annie Burger, BA, MSW, Life Coach

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Annie’s specialties include: Relationships, Stress Management, Work/Life Balance, Self Care, Communication, Sexuality and LGBT issues, Self Confidence, Coping Skills and Teens, Family and Couple’s Dynamics.

Annie works with people of all ages who are feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and stuck. She helps people explore and process emotions. Annie supports clients in consciously choosing what they want in life and creating a path forward to reach their goals. The purpose of coaching is to find connection, balance, and emotional wellness.

Annie obtained her B.A. in Psychology from Beloit College in 2005 and a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Denver in 2010. She has spent over seven years as a mental health professional. Her current work in personal and interpersonal development has been informed by her experience providing group therapy for adults with mental illness, facilitating retirement and healthcare decisions for older adults, and helping support families with children on the autism spectrum.

Annie has learned that negative life events can provide perspective, challenge, and a drive to live life to its fullest. She is empathetic and passionate about helping others along the bumpy road.

Click below to schedule a 60 minute initial complimentary consultation with Annie on Monday's between 3pm and 7pm.

Life Coaching Services:

Complimentary Initial Consultation 60 minutes $0.00

Individual Coaching Session 60 minutes $80.00

Individual Coaching Session 90 minutes $110.00

Couple’s Coaching Session 60 minutes $125

Life Coaching with Annie, Reviews:

“Annie has been an invaluable guide in a process of self-discovery that has helped me move out of long-standing patterns and to make significant changes in my professional and personal life. I have really appreciated her non-judgmental, compassionate and friendly presence in our sessions. Annie is gifted at asking thought-provoking questions and helping me see different angles of a challenge so that new possibilities and solutions open up. I appreciated the thought exercises that she walked me through which allowed me to better understand my underlying beliefs and priorities and to sort through my ambivalence. Her practical approach and skill at breaking overwhelming tasks down into more manageable steps made the work that we did together very different and more actionable than other types of therapy I’ve pursued." - S.L.

"Annie listens with patience and compassion as she ably supports a safe space. She is unafraid of the chaos that precedes new beginnings and offers brilliant insight to illuminate the way." - S.D.