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At the Metta Center we are lucky to have the very skilled Alicia Cross of Alicia Cross Training LLC!

Alicia has created several ways to help you achieve your fitness goals, read below to find the right fit for you! Not sure which option is best for you? That’s okay! Contact Alicia by email at Alicia@AliciaCrossTraining.com and she will help guide you!


Semi-Private Sessions

Have you been told you need to build bone density with resistance training or to strengthen your core to alleviate back pain? Do you enjoy activities like walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, or cardio classes but you don’t feel strong? Are you new to fitness and want to stay safe as you begin? Need accountability? Then this program is for you! 

Semi-Private Sessions include: 

  • One weekly in-person 60 minute workout

  • Access to the workout file with video demonstrations and/or exercise descriptions

  • An invitation to Alicia's private Facebook group

  • Body composition analysis 

  • Support from Alicia throughout the session via text message or emails

  • 30 minute Wellness Coaching Call with Alicia (w/minimum of 4-week registration)

  • 10% discount on Alicia's Monthly Restorative Yoga and Specialty Workshops 

The weekly workouts are a full-body strengthening routing using TRX, resistance bands, bodyweight exercises, and more. The workouts will focus on improving posture, core, and balance. Modifications and progressions will be offered for all levels to meet you where you’re at and to keep you progressing. 

With the attention and knowledge of Alicia and the encouragement and support of the group, you will reach your goals while having fun! Wear comfortable clothing and bring water and a mat if you have one. All other equipment will be provided. This semi-private session is limited to 6 people for a more personal approach, so sign up today to get started or to get serious about your fitness journey! 

Sessions are limited to 5-7 people for a more personal approach.

4-6 Week Sessions - $190-$285

*We offer prorated programs if you begin after the start date or if you know in advance you will be missing a week during the session. There are, however, no make-ups for missed in-person workouts.

Learn about the 4-6 Week Training Sessions going on now!


Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching sessions are a collaborative process for enthusiastic clients looking to make lasting health improvements.  

Our wonderful wellness coach, Alicia Cross, will work with you to help you: 
• Clarify your vision of wellness
• Identify your current habits that are incongruent with your vision
• Brainstorm on possible steps to move closer to your goals
• Commit to the most important steps that you will do consistently.

You will receive information, resources, or referrals as needed to assist you on your journey. Alicia will keep you accountable with a progress follow-up call in two weeks.

Each session includes a 60 minute in-person session and a 15-30 minute Follow-up call - $100

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Assessment with Alicia Cross

During this 75-minutes session, Alicia will assess your posture, movement, balance, and flexibility. Other assessments can include body weight, composition (body fat percentage), BMI (body mass index), resting heart rate, aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness, and/or blood pressure as needed. Alicia will also review your daily routine (including sleep, exercise, and nutrition), current health issues/pain, and your health and fitness goals. You’ll get personalized lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise recommendations you can start implementing today on your own and you’ll learn how Alicia can best help you reach your goals. If necessary, you'll receive any helpful resources or referrals based on your needs.

75 minute session - $110