Did you know the International Headache Society has listed almost 200 kinds of headaches? Anyone who suffers from chronic tension or migraine headaches knows that the pain can range from squeezing and mind numbing to stabbing and excruciating. Pain from headaches changes how we cope with stress, how we interact with our loved ones and lowers work productivity. Massage therapy directed specifically to head and neck tension can be used to lessen the frequency and intensity of headaches.

In a headache specific massage session, multiple massage modalities (such as myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, acupressure, reflexology and traditional Swedish massage) are combined to address underlying muscle tension patterns that can be contributing to a person’s head pain. The focus of a headache session is primarily the head, face, neck and shoulders. Reflexology is added to potentially discover other systemic factors that may be contributing to headaches.

While a headache is in an active stage, massage can be used to attempt to lessen the perception of pain. Ideally, headache massage is performed while a person does not actually have a headache. During this time, causal muscle and fascial restrictions can be identified and addressed which can reduce the time between headaches and the strength of future headaches. 

Please note that massage therapy is not a substitution for medical evaluation and diagnosis of chronic headaches.

45 Minutes - $70

60 Minutes - $90

75 Minutes - $105

Offered only by Deirdre Segarra

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