The Metta Center's hot stone massage incorporates Swedish and deep tissue techniques with the incredibly soothing power of heat. Calm and comfort are evoked as you experience the sensation of warmed basalt stones placed underneath you (tucked next to your shoulder blades, mid-back, glutes and calves) and on top of your body (at your upper chest/sternum and navel). The weight of the smooth stones encourage you to drift into a state of deep relaxation. Your muscles are further softened as the stones are incorporated into the massage strokes. If desired, deep tissue work is then focused in tight overstressed areas such as your shoulders and calves. 

  • 75 Minutes - $120

  • 90 Minutes - $140

  • 120 Minutes - $180

Hot stone as an Add-On

If you are new to hot stone massage, you can try them out by adding on a few stones to a Custom massage session for $7. Be sure to specify a Hot Stone add-on when you book your session. 

Offered only by Amy Vulin White, Kristine Lagowski, and Leah Farnsworth

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