This therapeutic massage includes specific techniques catered to each trimester that provide relief for common discomforts during pregnancy. This soothing technique can decrease back pain, muscle cramps and pelvic pain due to structural/postural issues associated with pregnancy. It will assist your body for delivery by helping increase elasticity and range of motion in the joints and muscles associated with childbirth. Research has shown that pregnancy massage strengthens the immune system, decreases blood pressure, decreases stress hormones, shortens labor time and offers stress relief. This research is documented by the Touch Research Institute of Miami

Postnatal Massage

As the mother returns to her pre-pregnant state, the postpartum techniques will aid in the realignment and recovery of her body. Emphasis is placed on incorporating heat into the massage including use hot compresses and hot stones.


60 Minutes - $90
75 Minutes - $105
90 Minutes - $125 

Total Pregnancy Massage Package - $1,285 (16 massages valued at $1,510)

* One 60 Minute massage a month for your first 6 months
* Two 60 Minute massages a month during the 7th and 8th month
* Four 60 Minute massage during the 9th month
* One complimentary 60 Minute massage for the father-to-be
* One 90 Minute Postpartum massage a few days, weeks or months after the delivery

If starting a few months into pregnancy, price will be adjusted accordingly.
If the baby arrives before the due date you may use those massages after delivery.

Prenatal Offered only by Amy Vulin White and Leah Farnsworth

Postnatal Offered only by Amy Vulin White, Deirdre Segarra, and Leah Farnsworth

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