Originated in Japan and is a gentle, hands-on technique used for stress reduction, relaxation, and deep healing. It is a simple process that includes hands on and just above the body that can easily be incorporated into massage therapy or enjoyed as a treatment in and of itself.

Reiki is highly recognized and recommended in many hospitals before and after surgery and is contributed to easing symptoms of chemo therapy.  

Reiki can be beneficial to everyone all ages including those that may be restricted from massage therapy. It can also be a wonderful experience for mothers to be.

During the session, you may experience warmth, coolness or tingling as the practitioner places her hands on specific areas of the body. Other physical, mental, emotional or spiritual changes may be noted at a later date. Reiki treatments are used for relaxation, stress reduction and relief of emotional or physical pain. Deep relaxation is experienced as your body accepts as much energy as it needs in that moment.

Offered by David Nix, Deirdre Segarra, Kristine Lagowski, Catherine Adkins, Amy White and Leah Farnsworth

30 Minutes - $55
60 Minutes - $90