Mat Massages

Sessions that are offered specially on a comfortable mat to allow for stretching and soft tissue release. Any combination of pressure may be requested, from very firm to light and everything in between. Special attention is paid to making this a comfortable session to dispel any myths that Thai massage is too painful to be relaxing. Plan to wear comfortable loose fitting clothing for this treatment.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is unique in style, yet offers the same therapeutic benefits of traditional massage therapy. At the heart of this modality is metta, a compassionate intent cultivated by the therapist that enhances the benefit of this treatment.

The passive yoga-like stretches, in which the therapist guides the client's body into the movemenet, facilitate deep relaxation and help improve flexibility.The dynamic pairing of these stretches and muscle compressions, in which the therapist uses her palms, thumbs, elbows, or feet, effectively reduces muscle tension and encourages the body's energy to flow in a balanced state.

Offered only by David Nix and Leah Farnsworth

Sports Massage on the Mat

A revolution in mat massage, this is the perfect way to address your most frustrating 'areas of concern.'  It combines stretching, strengthening exercises, and elements of Thai Massage to restore balance and function to your body.  Since your body changes with each new day, this massage will adapt to meet you where you are, and take you where you want to go.

Offered only by David Nix

  • 60 minutes - $90

  • 75 minutes - $105

  • 90 minutes - $125

  • 120 minutes - $165

  • 180 minutes - $250

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Leah Farnsworth and David Nix, The Metta Center's Thai Massage Practitioners have completed over 750 hours of training in Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage and the Thai Medical Massage Apprenticeship. Under the guidance and teachings they completed the training and joined the Shivagakomarpaj lineage of the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand.