The Metta Center is a part of the Wellness Center; a Wellness Co-Op offering acupuncture sessions, nutrition, pilates and yoga classes. Check out more information at For up to date specials and news visit our Facebook page. Book your next massage session and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of our wellness center space!

The Metta Center offers a variety of massage and bodytherapy services provided by skilled and licensed massage therapists. Therapeutic massage sessions are dedicated to relieving chronic pain caused by injury or stress.  It is our goal to restore your sense of peace and balance by tailoring each treatment to your individual needs and preferences. View our Reviews to see what clients are saying about their experiences. 

Our Massage and Bodytherapy services

Our sessions range from traditional Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage to the equally therapeutic Thai Massage. Other relaxation treatments include Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Massage, Pregnancy Massage and the unique Japanese Zen Facial Massage. Click the "Book Now" button to schedule your appointment today!

Conveniently located in the Wellness Center

Just minutes from the Beltway and centrally located in Northern Virginia, we are easily accessible from McLean, Arlington and Alexandria. We are a convenient destination for the residents of the neighboring towns of Annandale, Springfield and Fairfax. The bodytherapy practice is tucked away in the Burke Professional Center off of Braddock Road and Rolling Road in the Wellness Center at 5276 Lyngate Court. The Metta Center is licensed by the County of Fairfax to operate as a professional massage establishment and offers its clients a haven from the day to day stresses of life.

What is Metta?

Metta is a Pali word that represents loving kindness and the unconditional wish for all beings to live in health, happiness, safety and peace. Used most commonly in Buddhist tradition, it is a philosophy of how to lead one's life. The Metta Center founder, Leah Farnsworth learned about the philosophy of metta in her Thai massage training. She was inspired to create a wellness center that was guided by that compassionate state of mind that is metta. To read more about the meaning of metta visit this very insightful article from Shambhala Sunspace

We look forward to working with you to relieve your pain and to help you manage your stress. See you soon!