Traditional Swedish massage is blended with complimentary Deep Tissue techniques to create a customized treatment tailored to meet your needs. Stretching and heat may be used to loosen joints and reduce muscle tension even further. Intensity of pressure is decided by you. Feel free to request more or less pressure at any time during the massage. Sessions may include a touch of the therapist's specialties to enhance your relaxation. At the Metta Center, it is our goal to leave you feeling refreshed and pain-free. Please book your session today!

  • 30 minutes - $55

  • 60 minutes - $90

  • 75 minutes - $105

  • 90 minutes - $125

  • 120 minutes - $165

Offered by All of our Therapists

Add-On Services

For $7 extra you can also receive a hot stone add-on, or customized aromatherapy integrated into your massage.

For $10 extra experience the therapeutic healing qualities of a steamed Thai herbal compress integrated into your custom massage. The herbal compress is a blend of organic herbs (including lemongrass, camphor, turmeric, and ginger) that relieves muscle and joint pain, increases blood circulation, and nourishes and revitalizes the skin. This add-on is only available with Leah or David.

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